Straight Edge Scissors

Scissors with a sharper sharpness that provides the best and smoothest finish.

Micro Serrated Straight Scissors

With a higher cutting capacity and more resistance. For pre-cutting and heavy duty work.

Straight Edge Curved Scissors

They speed up curved cuts and make it easier to work in difficult angles, with a sharper sharpening for a better and smoother finish.


Micro Serrated Curved Scissors

They speed up curved cuts and have the ability to work in difficult angles. Larger and stronger cut for pre-cutting and heavy-duty work.


Toothed scissors with high cutting capacity that speed up and texturise the arrangements.

Thinning Scissors

Toothed scissors for blurring and smoothing lines and dips in any coat.

Left-handed Scissors

Scissors designed for left-handed users with the same guarantees.

Scissors Sets

Complementary scissor sets for the most demanding hairdressers looking for a perfect duo.

Scissors Accesories

The articles that complement your scissors and make your work more comfortable.

Scissor Costumization

Personalise your new and used Artero scissors by laser engraving your name, logo and/or favourite breed.

The best-selling scissors

    Oil pen
    Oil pen
    Artero Black Intense Scissors
    Artero Black Intense Scissors
    As low as £195.48

The best scissors for dog grooming

Our dog grooming scissors are made of high quality stainless steel and have a precise and smooth cut. In addition, our dog scissors are ergonomically designed for comfortable use over long periods of time. They are not only ideal for professional use in dog grooming salons, but are also perfect for home use. Our grooming scissors come in different sizes and styles to suit all coat types and cutting needs. Check out our catalogue of dog grooming scissors.

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