How to make a bath a positive experience for your dog

Bañar a los perros es una de las tareas más complicadas de hacer en nuestro hogar. Fugas en mitad del baño, pataletas, lloros o temblores... ¿Te resulta familiar? Como no queremos que este ritual se convierta en una tortura ni para ti ni para tu mejor amigo, te ayudaremos con unos cuantos consejos. ¡Toma nota!

8 tips to make bath-time more bearable

Bathing dogs is one of the most difficult tasks you can do at home. Escaping in the middle of the bath, tantrums, whimpers, trembling... Sound familiar? Since we don’t want this ritual to become tortuous for either you or your best friend, we have some tips to help you. Take note!

1. Prepare everything beforehand

Get out all the products and accessories that you’re going to need and set them up before you put the dog in the bathtub or shower. Speed is your best ally when it comes to bathing your dog. That’s why it’s best to have everything to hand so that you can focus 100% on the bath, and not leave your best friend alone.

2. Trick them

It might sound a bit cruel, but turning to trickery is an option. When they see the shampoo, the towel and other accessories on display, many dogs realize that it’s bath-time and they start to run away from you and hide. Has this happened to you?

In these circumstances, our advice is to ask someone to take them out for a walk while you get everything ready. When they get home, they will be relaxed and happy to see you. It’s the perfect opportunity to take them in your arms and carry them to the bathtub!

Of course, once you’re inside the bathroom, don’t forget to close the door. You know they’ll use any oversight to escape.

3. Soothe them

They are finally in the bathtub. Now what? It’s completely normal for your dog to be frightened at this point in time and for them to start trembling and wanting to get out. You now need to put all your effort into soothing them. You can do this in different ways. For example, by talking to them calmly and gently. Tell them how much you love them, that everything is okay, and that you’ll soon be finished. Or, if you prefer, you could also sing. You know what they say - music tames the beast!

4. Monitor the temperature

The water should be around 39°C. However, the best thing is for the dog to decide what temperature is nicest for them. Keep trying until you get the right temperature.

5. Put down a mat

Cover the slippery base of the shower or bathtub with a non-slip mat or a towel. This will give them a firmer base to grip onto. Otherwise, the dog will be unsteady and slide around all the time, which will only make them more nervous.

6. Little by little

There is a lot of tension in the air, so the last thing you want is sudden or exaggerated movements. Wet their body little by little, starting from the legs and go up gradually. Don’t hesitate to stroke them to keep them calm.

Once wet, apply the shampoo by giving them a relaxing massage. Use the right products for their needs and ensure the products don’t go in their eyes. Then, rinse them in the same order as above. Ideally, you should apply the shampoo twice, but you can start with just once until the dog is more comfortable with this routine.

7. Reward them

Nothing like a good bribe! But you do need to do it at the right times. Congratulate them and give them one of their favorite treats when they are sitting down or still. It’s important that you don’t do it when they are behaving badly. If you do it when they are trying to escape, they will take the reward as a positive reinforcement of their escaping, and that won’t help you.

8. Dry them with a towel

To dry them, start with a cloth to remove most of the water and moisture. Brush their coat and finish drying them with a hair dryer. If the noise bothers them, remember that there are earmuffs that reduce the noise and that make this step easier. Lastly, consider applying a little Artero Fresh perfume for a final touch.

We are certain that if you put these tips into practice, bathing dogs will be a much easier and more bearable task. If you need any extra help, remember that, at Artero, we have everything for dog hygiene. Visit our website and take a glance through our range of products!