Artero Excalibur Scissors

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High-quality grooming scissors, sturdy, with a clean cut that allows us to tackle jobs that require power and resistance without losing definition.

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7" T34670
7.5" T34675

Scissors recommended for dense coats, to trim large amounts of hair and quick cuts with scissors.
With an asymmetric design for hand comfort.
Robust and very precise.


-Alloy: 440c stainless steel is high-end stainless steel, high hardness, good edge retention and high wear and corrosion resistance. 

-Razor Edge: allows us to define and texture, the edge makes the scissors slide easily through the hair. 

-Concave Blades: Achieve a smoother cut, facilitate maintenance, avoid friction and intermediate entanglements. 

-Hardness: 60 hrc +/-1 is found in premium scissors, it is a harder steel, resistant, they have an ultra sharp edge.

-Axle type: the bearing is a ball bearing that offers us maximum smoothness and the ability to work all day. 

-Finger rests: removable, important to use for comfortable work.