Warm, sunny days are the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities with our pets and create unforgettable memories with them. In this article, we’ve got some ideas and tips on how to make the most of the good weather with your dog. Are you ready? Shall we begin?

How does the change in the weather affect your dog?


Seasonal changes are processes that directly affect dogs. Now that spring is here, it's a good time to learn a little more about what happens with the arrival of each new season.

It's shedding season


Shedding is the process by which dogs change their coat to adapt to the changing weather. This happens twice a year: in autumn and in spring. To deal with this and prevent the dreaded hairs lying all over the house, brush your pet regularly and pay a visit to your trusted dog groomer. The Retractable Coat Rakewill help you to untangle any hair that gets trapped in the coat.

Possible allergies

Something else you should bear in mind areallergies and dermatitis. The humidity in seasons such as autumn and spring can lead to dryness and dermatitis in certain parts of the body. This leads to itching, irritation and even the proliferation of fungi and bacteria on the skin.

Watch out for parasites

Spring and summer are, without doubt, the seasons that bugs love the most. So, ensure that fleas and mites do not live in your dog's comfortable coat. In this regard, the key lies in following a good hygiene routine with the right products such as the Bye Bye Antiparasitic Shampoo.

Changes in mood

Is your mood lower in the colder seasons? This is normal, the weather and the lack of daylight have a negative effect on our mood. It's much the same with dogs. Shorter days can lead to disorders such as seasonal affective syndrome. Tiredness, appetite loss or increased anxiety are just some of the symptoms.

Things to do with your dog before the good weather comes

The sunshine and warm temperatures in spring make us want to spend more time outdoors. Looking for a bit of inspiration? These are the best things to do with your dog.


The change of season is the perfect time to build new habits and routines. How about giving basic dog training a go? Teaching simple actions is a fun way to spend time together while improving their behavior. Would you like to become a trainer?

Do doga

Do you also want to get some exercise? Apart from going for a walk or running, you can get into things like doga which is a play on the words dog (dog) and yoga. This is a version with exercises that both of you can do. Could you imagine enjoying all the benefits of yoga with your best friend?

Go to the beach

There really is nothing quite like going to the beach. Dogs love to dig in the sand, sniff and get their paws wet. It's like an amusement park for them, so go as often as you can. However, first make sure that the beach is dog-friendly. Last but not least, remember to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and go well equipped with water, snacks and an umbrella on hot days.

Go on a hike

This season is perfect for long walks. Hiking is a wonderful activity that you can easily do with your dog. Discovering new places and exploring is something you will enjoy to the max. Just like when going to the beach, it's important that you are well equipped to prevent any mishaps.

Plan your trip

If you have a few days off, think about getting away from the daily grind. Luckily, there are plenty of pet-friendly hotels, so all you have to do is pick your destination and get packing. It will be great for both you and your dog to spend that quality time together.

Whether it's walking in the park, playing on the beach or just lazing around in the sunshine, there are countless ways to share unforgettable moments with your dog. Nevertheless, remember that your dog has its own needs and limits, so it's important to adapt these plans to its personality and physical condition. What’s more, if you need solutions to deal with the change of season, Artero has the best products. Check out our online store!