Artero Epika Scissors

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Professional grooming scissors with hypoallergenic titanium coating

Ideal for fine coats and finishes.

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6" T47760
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8" T48780

Professional grooming scissors with a razor edge.
Smooth, gliding cut that provides even, velvety definition.
Defines and cuts medium and thick sections.


  • Alloy: 440c steel is high-end stainless steel, high hardness, good edge retention and high wear and corrosion resistance.
  • Edge: Convex, these scissors have been sharpened in a special way, the angle of the cutting blade is more inclined so that it will be ideal for trimming.
  • Concave blades: They achieve a smoother cut, facilitate maintenance, avoid friction and intermediate jams.
  • Hardness: 60 hrc +/-1 is found in premium scissors, it is a steel of greater hardness, resistant, they have an ultra-sharp edge.
  • Screw: Adjustable, it allows us to regulate the screw according to the degree of softness we want.
  • Screw: Fixed, to avoid losing it.
  • Handle: Semi-offset allows to maintain during the cutting process a lower position of the elbow to work comfortably without forcing our arm. 
  • Color: Black & Rose Gold (Black handle and rose gold blade).