cat hygiene

Cat hygiene is extremely important. Even though cats are very independent, you need to take on the responsibility of helping your cat to groom itself. Do you know how?

Why do you need to help your cat groom itself?

In the past, cats were considered to be completely autonomous and independent for their daily existence. However, the feline world has become more civilized over time. Owners are taking on more responsibility, they are becoming more aware, and are much more attentive. Cats are increasingly spending most of their time at home. So, when they go out to wander around, they come across dirt and catch fleas, ticks, or other parasites.

That’s why, as a cat owner and lover, you need to devote time and resources to cat care. Cleaning, washing, grooming, and brushing are all your responsibility. It’s not just a matter of hygiene and esthetics, it’s also essential for their wellbeing and their health.

Bear in mind that these felines interact with their setting and other living beings through their coat. However, even though they usually devote some of their time to grooming themselves, you can contribute a great deal, especially if you have the necessary knowledge and you have the right products to improve this cleaning process. Specifically, the Artero 4Cats line is incredibly helpful when caring for your cat’s coat and keeping it in perfect condition.

Interested to know how to do this? Need to update your information to contribute to your cat’s wellbeing? Between the two of you, you’ll make an unbeatable team.

Routines for your cat’s hygiene

There are many benefits to grooming your cat:

  • It helps them stay clean and healthy.
  • It prevents hairballs from forming.
  • It improves cleanliness in your home.
  • It boosts their blood circulation.
  • It enables you to locate and eliminate mites and parasites.
  • Health problems can be identified sooner.
  • You interact with your cat and you show it affection.
  • You spend quality time together and you promote mutual understanding.

To help you make the most of these benefits, here are the steps to follow for each aspect of cat care. Remember that these are recommendations that will support your cat groomer: periodically, you will need to take your cat to these professionals.


The skin is the largest body organ, which is why it needs special attention. Short-haired cats wash themselves by licking, and can therefore reach even the most hidden spots. However, it is also a good idea to wash them to improve hygiene. The longer their fur, the more frequently this should be done.

The 4Cats Longhair cat shampoo is perfect for long-haired cats and for molting seasons. Did you know that it helps prevent hair loss? Your home will have fewer of those annoying hairs everywhere. You will also be able to brush their coat more easily and remove any knots.

Use lukewarm water and always choose a time when your cat is calm and happy. Remember that they don’t particularly like being bathed, so you need to be patient and gentle. When you’re finished, dry your cat with a towel and gave it a nice reward.


You must never leave your cat wet as they could get fungus and bacterial infections. A towel, a hairdryer on the cold setting, and patience will be your best allies.

Hair cutting

Prior maintenance of your cat will act as training so that a professional can cut their hair or groom them.

In extreme cases when pets resist and/or are full of knots, these felines need to be sedated for this task. It is our responsibility to make sure it doesn’t get to that point.

Special cat care

The 4Cats Vital mask completes the bath and removes any hair that is about to fall out. What’s more, it hydrates, softens, and brightens their fur. It is perfect for show cats!

Also, Plis Plas 4Cats Gloves enable you to carry out a quick cleaning without a bath. Use these to remove dirt and bad odors. If you don’t have much time, these are great.

To care for, and clean, their ears, the Ear Finger Wipes 4Cats remove ear wax and dirt with just a few wipes. They are wet and antibacterial. Lastly, their tear ducts and noses can be cleaned with specific finger wipes.

Hair brushing in cats

Did you know that some cats have up to 25,000 hairs per centimeter squared? Many long-haired breeds, such as Persian cats, must be brushed every day to get rid of tangles. If this doesn’t happen, the vet or the groomer will end up having to pull on their scissors more than what is recommended.

Get your cat used to this activity. Brushing cat hair should never be done against the grain: they hate it. Start with the areas where your cat likes to be stroked most and be very patient. Having treats to pacify them and showing them affection is key.

What is the conclusion? Cat cleaning is also your responsibility. Now that you know how to do it, buy whatever you need on our website and start doing it as soon as possible.