Holidays: how and where to go with my dog?

Are you going to spend the holidays with your dog? Until recently, at this time of year, we wondered who would look after our dog; now, we ask ourselves how and where we’re going to go with it. To help you answer these questions, this post has some useful tips and resources.

How to plan a trip away with my dog

Planning your holiday starts with the type of dog you have. Dogs can be sensitive, so your dog needs to get used to travelling from a young age : travelling in a car, traveling in a carrier or in a pet carrier, sleeping away from home, etc. Do it bit by bit; for example, start with short journeys and short stays to make it easier for them to adapt.

On the other hand, make sure they’re in good health and that their vaccinations are up to date. When it comes to paperwork, you must bring all their documentation with you, including their health record. The identification chip and census tag are of the utmost importance, as they will help you to find your dog if it gets lost.

What’s more, bring its favorite toys and treats, as well as anything else that makes it feel comfortable. A special brush, is another good accessory if you’re travelling by car. Before setting off, make sure your dog hasn’t eaten for a couple of hours beforehand, otherwise there is a greater risk of it suffering from motion sickness.

Also follow these tips when travelling with a dog:

  1. Choose the destination and duration depending on your pet’s characteristics.
  2. Choose pet-friendly accommodation and somewhere where it will feel at home.
  3. Plan the trip, in particular stops and times when it will eat and relieve itself.
  4. Look into the emergency veterinary services available on arrival.
  5. Plan your day-to-day. Do things that will be fun for both of you, always mixing up activity, play and recovery.
  6. Enjoy spending quality time with your dog when travelling as well as when you’ve reached your destination.

What do I need to travel with my dog?

Below we’ve got a list of what you should take with you when going onholiday with your dog:

  • Up-to-date vaccination record with the vaccinations required in your destination. The rabies vaccination, administered three to four weeks in advance, is the most common. Distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus are also common.
  • Dog health certificate.
  • Fresh water, enough for the trip.
  • Always under prescription, an antiemetic if the dog gets dizzy.
  • Also under professional supervision, valerian, passionflower or other natural remedies if it’s prone to restlessness.
  • Resources for travelling: harness, barrier or carrier.
  • Travel Kit for dogs. You should include their main personal belongings, don't forget anything that they might miss that could upset them. Also remember the importance of cosmetic products (deodorant, absorbent cloth, cleaning gloves, etc.), conditioner, shampoo...).
  • Dog First-Aid Kit. Hopefully you won't have to use it, but in some cases, this is key until you find a vet.

Why travel with your dog?

The main reason to travel with your dog is really simple: to spend time together. Your pet loves spending time with you and sharing experiences with you. These getaways foster mutual understanding and close bonds.

Unique destinations to visit with my dog

Deciding on where to travel with your dog is of the utmost importance. There are some really good places, in Spain and abroad alike. We’ve chosen a few examples for you.

1. Palma de Mallorca

It is the Spanish city with the most dogs per capita, so it is perfectly prepared to welcome yours with open arms. It also has quite a few dog-friendly beaches, such as Es Carnatge and Na Patana.

2. Barcelona

Has a wide variety of accommodation on offer. In fact, it has more than 1,300 pet-friendly holiday accommodation options, so it has a wealth of top-class services for dogs.

3. Madrid

The capital of Spain has themost pet-friendly hotels and establishments. Bars, cafés, restaurants, hotels, shops... There are a wide range of possibilities, and they can even use public transport!

4. France

Almost 50% of their establishments are dog-friendly. What’s more, and specifically, the Midi-Pyrénées area is the perfect place for hiking with them.

5. Canada

For long trips across the Atlantic Ocean, there is no better dog-friendly destination. Stanley Park and the Capilano Suspension Bridge are tourist hotspots that are adapted to the needs of dogs.

6. Austria

Austria is another incredible European destination that is characterized by its wide variety of outdoor activities you can do together. Would you like to try dog trekking? You’ll love doing this here; check out the Vormauerstein, Gaisberg zur Gersbergalm and Wolfgangsee Rundweg routes.

Planning and going onholiday with a dog is an amazing idea, but you must adapt it to your dog and teach it to enjoy it. If you follow these tips, you’ll be in for an incredible experience. Artero has everything you need!