Dog shedding: care tips to make it more bearable

Most breeds of dogs

shed their coat. This happens because a dog's coat often changes in response to seasonal changes in temperature and daylight. During these periods, they shed a lot of fur to cope with the summer heat. Would you like to know a little more about how a dog sheds its coat? In this article, we look into the reasons and give you some tips on how to manage this process.

Reasons why dogs shed their coat

I'm sure you're aware of just how much fur dogs can shed from their coat. Domestic dogs and those who spend more time outdoors always leave some trace of it in their wake. There are only a few breeds that do not shed their fur but, for most dogs, it’s a process they undergo all year round. Among other factors, the amount they shed depends on breed, time of year, coat type and health.

Change of season

Although shedding is ongoing throughout the year, it ramps up in late spring and just before winter. This is their way of getting ready to deal with changes in temperatures.


Some breeds shed more than others and there are even breeds that don’t shed at all. Among the latter, there are, for example, some poodles, affenpinschers and border terriers.


Parasites often cause itching, which is why they scratch more. This is one of the reasons that dogs shed more of their coat.


Anxiety, stress and nervousness also affect dogs. These manifest as bodily symptoms, one of which is that their fur falls out.


Allergies can cause skin irritation, swelling or itching that lead to hair loss.


Other health problems

Any other disease, poor diet or weakened immune system can lead to imbalances in their body which, in turn, cause more hair loss than normal.

As you can see, there are a wide range of reasons why dogs lose their hair, although the main one is the change of seasons. In any case, look out for abnormal situations. If you notice any patterns in the hair falling out, it might be a good time to ask yourself some questions. Is the amount of hair falling out normal? Are there any other symptoms that could be a sign of poor health? This is normally no big deal, although it is always a good idea to keep an eye out to ensure that it is in good condition.

Recommendations to support shedding

There are a number ofcare procedures that can be followed before dogs shed their coat . Stay tuned.


This is important all year round, since, as well as helping to get rid of loose fur, it relaxes dogs and makes them feel good. On the other hand, this prevents most of it from ending up on your armchairs or on the floor. Of course, remember to brush gently.

Good nutrition

This is of the utmost importance to ensure that your dog is in the best physical and mental health. Make sure your dog is getting all the nutrients it needs and that it isn’t exceeding the recommended amount of fat. This will help it maintain its ideal weight and leave its coat looking strong, shiny and soft, just the way it should be.


This is another of the secrets to a healthy body. So, dogs mustdrink enough water and eat foods that provide adequate hydration. This will affect how well its coat looks.

Bathe it and protect its coat

Bathe your dog as often as is advisable, but always use quality products. Use products that protect its coat, such as the Keratin Vital Conditioner or the Artero moisturizing shampoo. When it’s dry, use the Fresh perfume so it smells like roses.

This will not only keep them in good health, they’ll also look their best. Your dog will notice that it is well looked after which, in turn, will lead to greater peace of mind and happiness.

Having said all this, you won't be able to prevent coming across any hair at all in a corner, on the sofa or in the car. You’ll get used to such circumstances, if you haven’t already. Nevertheless, maximum cleanliness can be achieved if your dog's coat is kept in good condition.

Dog sheddingis normal when the seasons change. Follow these tips to make the process as normal as possible and keep an eye out for any problems. Check our website if you’re looking for a wide range of cosmetic products.