Dog grooming clippers

In dog grooming, choosing a good dog hair clipper is crucial. As a professional who cares for and beautifies pets, you know that having a high-quality dog hair clipper is more than a necessity; it is an indispensable companion in your daily work. At Artero, we understand this essential need and offer a range of clippers that not only meet but exceed your expectations.


Dog hair clippers are an essential tool for caring for the fur of our canine friends. These devices allow you to keep your dog's coat clean and well trimmed.

When choosing a dog hair clipper, it is important to consider our dog's coat type and size, as well as the clipper's features and functions. Some clippers have different cutting lengths, cutting speeds, and brush and comb options that can help achieve the desired cut. It is very important to choose a clipper that is suitable for the type of coat and breed of dog.

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Choose the Best Dog Hair Clipper

Precision and efficiency are key in our catalogue of dog hair clippers. Each clipper we select is designed to offer optimal performance, ensuring clean and safe cuts. We know that every dog is unique and deserves special treatment; that’s why our clippers adapt to different types of coats, allowing you to work with confidence in every session.

Moreover, ergonomics is an aspect we do not overlook in our dog hair clippers. We understand that you spend hours at your job, and we want to ensure that your experience is as comfortable as possible. The clippers you will find at Artero are designed to be user-friendly, reducing fatigue and increasing precision with every movement.

Last but not least, at Artero, we pride ourselves on offering clippers with the latest technology. From advanced blade systems to long-lasting cordless options, our clippers are at the forefront, allowing you to stay ahead in grooming trends and techniques.

We invite you to explore our selection of dog hair clippers at Artero, where quality and excellence go hand in hand to help you enhance the natural beauty of every pet that comes through your salon. Trust Artero, your ally in reaching the pinnacle of professional dog grooming.

Dog Grooming Clippers

Dog grooming clippers are essential tools for any professional in the field of dog grooming. These devices are specifically designed to handle various types of canine coats, providing a clean and uniform cut that is essential for the care and hygiene of dogs.

In the market, you will find a wide variety of dog grooming clippers, each with specific features to suit different needs. Each clipper comes with a specific type of motor, which can be rotary, pivot, or magnetic. Rotary motors are known for their power and ability to handle thick coats, while pivot and magnetic motors excel in detailed cuts and fine coats, respectively.

The quality of the blades in these clippers is a critical aspect, with stainless steel or ceramic being ideal for maintaining a sharp cut for longer. Additionally, the flexibility to change blades according to the desired cut style adds an extra layer of versatility. Another important feature in dog grooming clippers is the option of multiple speeds, allowing you to adjust the clipper according to the coat’s density and the animal’s sensitivity.

Clippers also vary in being cordless or corded. Cordless clippers offer greater freedom of movement, though it is crucial to consider battery life and charging time. On the other hand, corded clippers ensure constant power without worrying about recharging.

Ergonomics and noise levels are equally essential. An ergonomic design reduces fatigue during prolonged use, and quiet operation is preferable to avoid disturbing the dogs. Finally, accessories such as guide combs, blade oil, and cleaning brushes facilitate customizing cuts and maintaining the clippers in perfect condition. All these features together make dog grooming clippers indispensable and highly efficient tools in the art of dog grooming.

When selecting a dog grooming clipper, it is important to consider these characteristics to find the tool that best suits your professional needs and allows you to provide the best care possible to your canine clients.

Cat Hair Clippers

Cat hair clippers are tools designed to meet the specific needs of feline coats. Unlike dog hair, cat hair is usually finer and more delicate, requiring a clipper with particular features to ensure safe and effective grooming.

First, the delicacy of feline fur means that cat hair clippers must have extremely sharp and precise blades, usually made of high-quality materials like stainless steel or ceramic. These blades must be able to make clean cuts without pulling or damaging the cat’s sensitive skin.

The motor of these clippers also plays a crucial role. It needs to be powerful enough to cut through fine hair but must operate at a low noise level. Cats are particularly sensitive to loud sounds, so a quiet clipper helps keep them calm during the grooming process.

Ergonomics is another important aspect. Since cats can be restless and slippery, the clipper must be easy to handle, lightweight, and comfortable, allowing the user to make precise cuts even in challenging situations.

Cat hair clippers often come with various speed and length settings, allowing customization according to the type of coat and desired style. This is especially useful for cats with different types of fur or those requiring a particular grooming style.

Some clippers are cordless, offering greater mobility and convenience without dealing with cords. However, it is important to consider battery life and charging time to ensure the clipper is always ready for use.