Artero Hit Clipper

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Professional grooming clipper with A5 blades. Cordless operation.


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Professional dog grooming machine with Type A5 blades.

Cordless operation.

This model of machine can be charged anywhere in the world, it has an adaptor for Spain / European Union - UK - USA - Australia.

Faster with more autonomy, lighter and more comfortable.

This pet clipper is very powerful and handy.

1 Speed.

Li-Ion battery.

RPM: 3000

Weight: Super light only 0.77 lbs.

Dimensions: 7.52" x 1.85" x 1.73" inches.

Up to 5 hours of use and only 3 hours of charging.

Type of blades: A5 interchangeable with other brands.

Blade nº10.

Charging base.

Extra battery in addition to the one in the clipper.

Oil and cleaning brush.