Artero Spektra Clipper

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Classic hairdressing clipper with unparalleled features.

Facilitates smooth fades.



Haircutting clipper with 5 speed operation with or without cable.
Faster with more autonomy and more comfortable.

Technical Sheet
Digital Control
Cutting height: 0.04 - 0.07 in
RPM. from 5000 to 7000
Autonomy: 4 hours and 15 min. Usage time:
5000 RPM : 250 minutes.
5500 RPM : 235 minutes.
6000 RPM : 205 minutes.
6500 RPM : 200 minutes.
7000 RPM : 190 minutes.

Battery Level Indicator
Battery: Lithium
Charging time: 3 hours
Power: 7W
Nominal voltage: 100 - 240V.
Speeds: 5
Weight: 9.9 oz
Dimensions: 7.7 x 1.6 x 1.6 in
Blade: Fixed
With reclaces: 0.12, 0.24, 0.35, 0.47, 0.59, 0.71, 0.83, 1.0 in.

Standard blade.
Charging base.
Oil and cleaning brush.
1 Battery.
Multiplug plug with adapter for all countries.

How to extend the life of the machine?
Mineral oil: apply, at the end of use, 2 drops between the teeth of the blade with the clipper running and looking at the teeth of the blade down.
The clipper, once clean of hair, must be stored in a protected way to avoid damage.

The care of the blades of the clipper consists of cooling, disinfecting and cleaning with the easy and instant use spray Artero Oil Fresh (see below in "Related Products", reference Y447).
Professional use: apply Spray Oil Fresh (disinfectant, coolant, lubricant, cleaner and antioxidant) minimum