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In dog grooming and canine cosmetics, quality and innovation set the standard, making it essential to work with products that not only highlight the natural beauty of our four-legged friends but also care for their skin and coat. Canine cosmetics, a constantly evolving field, offers a wide range of solutions to meet the specific needs of each breed and hair type.


Artero offers you the best cosmetics for dogs and cats. High quality products for canine and feline cosmetics. Artero manufactures all its cosmetic products in Spain, guaranteeing that they meet the highest quality and European standards. We offer a wide range of cosmetic products for dogs: shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, products for the care and maintenance of delicate areas such as tear ducts, nails, teeth, etc.

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Artero Canine Cosmetics 

At Artero, we understand the importance of canine cosmetics, which is why we offer an exclusive selection of dog grooming products that combine effectiveness with respect for dogs’ skin and coat. Our passion for dog cosmetics drives us to constantly seek innovations in this sector. We know that as a professional groomer, you seek the best in canine cosmetics—products that not only enhance aesthetics but also contribute to the health and wellbeing of pets. Therefore, in our range of dog grooming products, you will find everything from shampoos and conditioners to specific treatments, all designed to offer optimal and safe results.

Canine cosmetics is not just about appearance; it is also an act of care and love towards these faithful companions. That’s why at Artero, we are committed to providing you with the best in dog cosmetics, so you can offer your clients top-quality dog grooming services. With our line of pet grooming products, you will not only beautify dogs but also ensure their comfort and health. Trust Artero for all your canine cosmetics needs and make a difference in the world of dog grooming.

Why It’s Important to Use Quality Canine Cosmetics

The world of pet grooming and care is demanding and highly specialised, making the use of quality canine cosmetics a crucial element. At Artero, we know that when you look for dog grooming products, you seek more than just effectiveness; you seek safety, trust, and outstanding results.

The right choice of pet grooming products directly influences the health of animals’ skin and coat. Low-quality dog cosmetics can cause irritations or allergies, whereas specially formulated and high-quality canine cosmetics ensure optimal care. At Artero, we are dedicated to offering you dog grooming products that not only beautify but also protect and maintain pets’ health.

As a professional, you know that canine cosmetics are much more than shampoo and conditioner. They are a set of solutions that encompass everything from hydration to the nutrition of hair and skin. By opting for high-end dog grooming products, you are providing your clients with a distinctive service, demonstrating that their pet is in expert hands. Canine cosmetics are not a luxury but a necessity to ensure the comprehensive care of these beings that bring us so much joy.

That’s why at Artero, we strive to offer you the best in dog cosmetics, products that align with your expectations of quality and performance. With our selection of canine grooming products, we give you the peace of mind of working with the best, ensuring the satisfaction of both your clients and their pets. Pet grooming products are not just part of your job; they are part of your art and your commitment to canine care. Trust Artero for all your canine cosmetics needs and make a difference in your profession.