Scissors for dogs

Dog grooming shears are an essential tool in the grooming kit of any pet owner or professional dog groomer. They are specifically designed to cater to the cutting and styling needs of different dog breeds, taking into account the variety of hair textures and lengths. Dog grooming shears come in various types, including straight, curved, thinning, and chunking shears, each serving a specific purpose.

Straight Edge Shears

Shears with a sharper sharpness that provides the best and smoothest finish.

Micro Serrated Straight Shears

With a higher cutting capacity and more resistance. For pre-cutting and heavy duty work.

Straight Edge Curved Shears

They speed up curved cuts and make it easier to work in difficult angles, with a sharper sharpening for a better and smoother finish.

Micro Serrated Curved Shears

They speed up curved cuts and have the ability to work in difficult angles. Larger and stronger cut for pre-cutting and heavy-duty work.


Toothed Shears with high cutting capacity that speed up and texturise the arrangements.

Thinning Shears

Toothed shaears for blurring and smoothing lines and dips in any coat.

Left-handed Shears

Scissors designed for left-handed users with the same guarantees.

Shear Accesories

The articles that complement your scissors and make your work more comfortable.

Shears Sets

Complementary scissor sets for the most demanding hairdressers looking for a perfect duo.


Shear Costumization

Personalise your new and used Artero scissors by laser engraving your name, logo and/or favourite breed.

The best-selling shears

The best shears for dog grooming

Our dog grooming shears are made of high quality stainless steel and have a precise and smooth cut. In addition, our dog scissors are ergonomically designed for comfortable use over long periods of time. They are not only ideal for professional use in dog grooming salons, but are also perfect for home use. Our grooming scissors come in different sizes and styles to suit all coat types and cutting needs. Check out our catalogue of dog grooming scissors.

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Artero’s Range of Dog Grooming Shears

At Artero, we offer a range of dog grooming shears designed to meet the most demanding needs of professionals like you. We understand that the art of dog grooming is not just about cutting hair but sculpting a masterpiece with every session. Therefore, our dog grooming shears are more than just tools; they are an extension of your skill and passion.

With every movement, the dog grooming shears we propose fit your hand like a custom-made glove, ensuring clean and precise cuts. We know that every breed, every type of hair, requires special attention, and our scissors are designed to meet these varied demands. From thinning scissors to finishing scissors, every pair in our catalogue has been meticulously selected to guarantee impeccable results.

Your talent in dog grooming deserves to be complemented with the best dog grooming shears , those that allow you to work with confidence and precision. At Artero, we are committed to offering shears that not only meet your expectations but exceed them, enabling you to achieve excellence in every cut, in every detail. Because we know that behind a perfectly groomed coat, there is a professional with the right tools in hand.

Buy the Best Dog Grooming Scissors on the Market

In the world of dog grooming, where skill and art merge to enhance the beauty of our pets, choosing the right tools is vital. At Artero, we understand that every cut you make is a reflection of your expertise and passion, which is why we offer dog grooming shears that are true precision and design jewels. With these shears, every line you draw and every profile you sculpt becomes a work of art.

The dog grooming shears you will find in our selection are carefully designed to offer perfect balance, absolute control, and unmatched comfort. We understand that long working hours require scissors that are not only efficient but also comfortable and ergonomic. That is why every pair of shears in our catalogue is designed to fit your hand as if they were custom-made.

The world of dog grooming is demanding and detail-oriented, and we know that you, as a professional, always strive to exceed expectations. With our dog grooming shears, we ensure that every cut is a step towards excellence. At Artero, we are committed to being your allies in this journey, providing scissors that allow you to unleash your creativity and skill. Because at the end of the day, your success is our pride, and together we can achieve perfection in the art of dog grooming.

Cat Grooming Scissors

Cat grooming shears are an essential tool in the care and aesthetics of these animals. Their specific design takes into account the particularities of feline fur, which is usually finer and more delicate than that of dogs. These shears allow for precise and safe cuts, respecting the sensitivity of the cat’s skin.

When choosing cat grooming shears, it is important to consider features such as ergonomics, sharpness, and safety. A good pair of shears should be comfortable to handle to reduce fatigue during grooming and sharp enough to cut hair without pulling or causing discomfort to the animal. Additionally, rounded tips are preferable to prevent accidents, especially if the cat moves a lot during the cut.

Using the right cat grooming shears is fundamental for maintaining the animal’s wellbeing, especially for those with long coats that require regular maintenance. A proper cut not only improves the cat’s appearance but also contributes to its hygiene and health by preventing issues like matting or the accumulation of dirt in the fur.