Artero Flexible Special Knot Slicker

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Flexible special knot slicker for effectively removing knots on dogs and cats.

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Flexible Slicker for efficiently untangling knots for dogs and cats.
The Artero Flexible Special Knots Slicker is considered the fastest to remove tangles and knots from the pet.
Smooths, untangles, de-mats and removes foreign bodies from the coat.
Also easily removes undercoat in cats.

Allows to work very quickly and comfortably.
Contains powerful pins to untangle any type of tangle.
Double-sided to save time.
Reinforced frame that extends the life of this Slicker.
Handle with rubber areas for greater grip.
Size: 3" x 2.5"
Pin length: 0.5"
Rigid pin.
Head - Flexible base.

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