Artero Beast - Dematting Slicker

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Bamboo brush with rubber air-cushion system which allows its pins of medium rigidity to conform to the surface to be brushed and achieves greater coverage. Exclusive ergonomic handle for better grip, efficiently saving on effort while brushing.

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The Mat Breaker Slicker has extra long & wide pins to easily break apart tangles & knots as well as eliminate shed.
Ideal for large breeds with dense coat (double-coated breeds, thick curly coats, etc.)
Eco-friendly, made of bamboo.
Recyclable cardboard packaging. 

How to use: Hold the brush by the handle with the pins facing the coat, slide the pins through the coat targeting the tangles, knots, & shedding repeatedly until they are eliminated. Use in the direction of the hair growth to start & then switch directions. It’s best to start at the base of the knotting. When there is a lot of hair trapped between the pins, clean the brush manually or with a comb. 
Main Materials: Bamboo, rubber, & stainless steel. 

Made especially for untangling & de-shedding.


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