Artero Protected Pin Slicker

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Slicker brush with medium and small stainless steel protected pins, ideal for dogs with sensitive skin.

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This Slicker for dogs has the particularity that each of its pins is protected with a plastic tip, making it special for sensitive skins.


Flexible 0.5"pins with protective tip.
Ideal for sensitive skins.
Articulated movement.
Smoothes the hair, detangles, removes dead hair and eliminates foreign bodies.
Ergonomic curved base shape to help make the movement with the hand.
This Slicker model releases the hair protecting the skin with a small movement of articulation.

Medium base size: 4.1" x 2.8"
Small base size: 3.1" x 1.5" 

Why is it recommended for sensitive skins?

This Slicker for dogs with the ends of the pins finished in a micro ball avoids that the skin gets irritated, even if the pressure exerted is more than the correct one. Sometimes, either due to fatigue, distraction or ignorance, it is pressed more than necessary in the brushing process. With these micro balls you will avoid that the skin is affected by it.

Medium Slicker for small, medium, puppies and cats.
Small Slicker for small, puppies and cats.


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