Artero Bye-Bye Shampoo 180 Oz

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Recommended for dogs suffering from: parasites, fungus, excema and damaged skin.

Also recommended for use after stripping or long brushing sessions.

Not to be used on cats.

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Good hygiene of our pets plays a fundamental role on their health, helping to prevent different diseases and contagions that our furry friends are exposed to every day. That's why in Artero we have developed this antiparasitic shampoo that repels and kills fleas, and kills ticks and other parasites.

Highly recommended for use after stripping or long brushing sessions, recommend for pets suffering from: Parasites, Fungus, Excema and Damaged Skin.


  • Contains natural ingredients.
  •  Kills external parasites, bacteria, fungi.
  • The result is clean hair with body and volume.
  • Aroma of tea, herbs and soft lemon.
  • Disinfects and cares for the skin effectively and quickly.
  • Shampoo with a soothing effect on the skin.
  • Suitable for all dog breeds.
  • 180 oz. version.

Directions of Use

When applying the product, we recommend following these steps:

→ For best results untangle the hair before bathing.

→ Wet the area to be washed thoroughly

→ Apply the shampoo and massage until lather is created.

→ Rinse

→ Shampoo a second time, allowing the product to soak.

→ Rinse again with plenty of water

Would you like a better result?

Shampoo twice with the corresponding rinses and remember to let the second application act between 3-5 minutes before rinsing, the longer the shampoo is left on the greater the effect will be.

We recommend using with Artero Spa Vital Mask.

Also available in 9oz.

Recommendations from our Specialists

Artero Bye Bye Shampoo is an excellent choice for dogs suffering from flea and other parasite problems. It contains a natural vitamin complex based on Melaleuca Alternifolia that helps nourish and disinfect the hair deeply, while also acting as a flea and parasite repellent for both indoor and outdoor dogs.

Its tea tree oil and lemon fragrance has a pleasant scent, and its composition allows it to be used undiluted, making bathing easier and preventing the hair from becoming dry or brittle. The result is clean hair with body and volume, disinfected and nourished skin thanks to its balsamic and relaxing effect.

Artero Bye Bye Shampoo is suitable for all dog breeds, not to be used on cats.

Available in 180 oz.


What ingredients does it contain?

Tea Tree Oil: provides an antiseptic, antifungal and antibiotic effect so that in addition to killing parasites, it disinfects affected skin.

Propylene Glycol: provides immediate extreme hydration that deeply nourishes the hair and conditions the coat.

Vitamin Complex: deeply nourishes the coat.