Artero Speed 5.9 Oz

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Fabulous and effective dry shampoo for dogs and cats in an easy spray form, without the need for water or rinsing. 

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Dry shampoo with deodorizing and cleansing effect, gentle on the skin, recommended for use between baths or when the pet cannot come into contact with water.

The talcum base traps dirt and bad odor, effectively and quickly caring for the skin. Its spray system penetrates the coat quickly to the root, achieving more effective and thorough hygiene.

The result is clean, full-bodied hair with volume. Thanks to its perfume, it not only eliminates bad odors but also provides a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance.

This product is also ideal for grooming salons to add extra volume to coats, such as Poodles, Bichons, or Westie heads.

It is suitable for all breeds of dogs, including cats.




Directions of use

Spray generously onto the coat from a distance of 50 cm, then brush to remove the talc and dirt.

Dry shampoo for dogs and cats in aerosol form.


In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Keep out of reach of dogs or cats.

Do not ingest


The dry shampoo for dogs from Artero does not contain mink oil.