dry nose

If your dog has a dry nose , it’s best to take a closer look, as it may be a sign that there’s a problem. The same applies to the paw pads, which are those hairless parts of your dog’s paws that touch the ground. Both areas can tell us a lot about a dog’s health and lifestyle. If they’re moist and hydrated—perfect. If not, we need to consider what the cause might be. Do you want to know more about what causes this dryness and how to prevent it?

Why do dogs get dryness in these areas?

If your dog has a dry nose or paw pads, it’s time to take a closer look. It could be a false alarm, but it could also be a sign that there’s a problem.

Why are dogs’ noses usually moist? The moisture in dogs’ noses helps them to pick up scents as the scent particles that activate their olfactory receptors stick better to damp surfaces. On top of this, the watery fluid helps to cool them down and allows them to cope with high temperatures.

On the other hand, dogs’ paw pads harden and crack over time. Therefore, their hardness and dryness is more related to age and the surfaces they usually walk on. It may also be a sign that your dog is a bit malnourished or dehydrated.

Generally, your dog’s body keeps them in good condition. Special glands in your dog’s nose produce mucus and keep the nasal passages moist. Dogs also do a great job of keeping their noses moist by licking them continuously.

It’s a different matter for paw pads, which often require moisturising and good care. The terrain your dog is walking on also plays a role in the condition of their paw pads, whether it’s hot, dry ground, fresh, soft grass or wooden flooring.

But what causes this dryness? Here are the main reasons for dry noses and paw pads among dogs:

  • Exposure to sun, heat and other elements such as wind or cold.
  • Lack of hydration.
  • A high body temperature can affect the nose. This can happen if your dog has been running around and playing.
  • If your dog has been sleeping for a long time. When dogs sleep, they don’t lick their nose, and this causes it to dry out.
  • Old age can have an effect on how hydrated your dog’s nose and paw pads are.

How to avoid and treat a dry nose and paw pads

Caring for a dog means we must pay special attention to the details in their appearance. Here are some ways you can prevent and treat dry and cracked noses or paw pads.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure

It’s important that your dog doesn’t spend too much time outdoors, whether in very high or low temperatures. For example, if you leave your dog in the garden, it should have a cool, shaded area to take shelter in.

Make sure your dog stays hydrated

It’s vital that your dog always has access to fresh water. It goes without saying that it must be clean and drinkable. Place a bowl of water next to the food bowl. If your dog has a space in the garden or an area outside the house, leave one there too.

Ensure your dog follows a nutritious diet

Your dog’s diet must be complete, healthy and balanced. If there’s one thing you must take care of to keep your dog strong, full of life and protected by a good immune system, it’s their food. For this reason, you should be well-informed about your dog’s nutritional needs, which can vary depending on size, breed and age.

Apply a moisturising product

There are products that help to keep your dog’s nose and paw pads hydrated, such as this cream: Artero Dfender. Massage into the area once or twice a day. The formula, containing ingredients such as shea butter and aloe vera oil, repairs and regenerates. It also soothes itching, heals and hydrates. Before application, you can soak the nose with a warm, damp cloth.

You can combine this product with other healthcare products. We also recommend: Artero Dedal wet eye cleanser or the Plis Plas Plus germ-proof gloves for dog hygiene.

It’s important to pay attention to any changes in your dog’s behaviour or appearance. Small changes, such as a dry nose or paw pads, can be important signs that you should pay attention to. And remember that good hygiene is essential for your dog. If you need any cosmetic or hygiene products or accessories for dog grooming salons, please contact us.