Dog molting: Everything you need to know

Have you noticed your dog is shedding more fur than usual? This is completely normal. Your dog is molting. This is a very important process and that’s why we want to give you more information about it. We’ll also share some tips with you to make dog molting as bearable as possible. Shall we begin?

What is molting and what is the purpose behind it?

Dog shedding or molting is a protective and adaptive mechanism that dogs have in certain seasons. The aim of this process is to regulate their temperature according to the time of year. So in Spring, it takes place in order to shed their thick winter coat whereas in Autumn, their bodies make it thicker so as to act as a barrier to the cold weather.

However, despite appearances, it’s not the temperature, but the light, that tells this mechanism that it needs to begin. Essentially, the number of hours of sunlight in a day make their bodies realize that they need to start shedding their coats.

On this topic, it’s important to make two small clarifications that affect molting:

  • Dogs that spend most of their time indoors are not as exposed to extreme changes in temperature. That’s why they shed fur all year long. However, they do undergo molting in Spring and Autumn just like other dogs.
  • The breed and characteristics of each specimen also have an impact. Their type of fur will have a huge bearing on how the change of coat takes place. For example, Golden Retrievers need more time for molting as they have a very dense undercoat.

Now that you know a little more about molting, it’s time to find out what steps to take to make this process much more bearable. You don’t want your home and your clothes covered in fur, do you?

1. Brush regularly

This is fundamental to caring for your dog, but it is even more important in the molting season. A dog will only be able to get rid of that molting fur that is caught on its coat with your help. This is also the best way to prevent undesired knots and tangles that sometimes cause wounds to a dog’s skin.

We recommend that you brush their coat after their last walk of the day. During that physical activity, they will shed some of that fur by themselves, so the task will be much simpler and quicker for you after that.

In terms of brushing, try not to tug too much to prevent damaging the skin. Remember that if they resist, you can use a conditioning spray to help with brushing.

2. Choose the right tool

Dog brushing must be done with the right tools for the task. As such, it’s very useful to know the differences between the different types of combs and brushes. The Artero rake with retractable pins, for example, is a very good option for brushing molting fur that is trapped in the coat.

3. Give more frequent baths

During molting season, you can increase how often you bathe your pet as it’s a good way to get rid of fur. Don’t overdo it, though. To do so, use the Artero revitalizing shampoo as it’s perfect for frequent baths.

Before you put your dog in the bathtub, give them a thorough brushing to remove as much of the fur as possible. By bathing them, you’ll get rid of the rest of the molting fur and you’ll help to aerate the skin. Lastly, once dry, give them a light brushing to buff up their appearance.

4. Pay attention to their food

Food has direct repercussions on your dog’s health. For this reason, you need to provide them with a varied diet that is appropriate for their needs. Give your pet food that is rich in protein and fatty acids, such as omega-3, all through the year. These two elements will help their fur to grow strong, healthy and shiny, so they will shed less during molting seasons.

Also, during molting times, consider giving them extra protein as they will use up more of this particular nutrient as a result of this process.

Dog molting is unavoidable, although with these tips, things will be more bearable at home. At Artero, we are here to strengthen your relationship with your best friend. Check out our full range of products and find the accessories and products you need to provide the care and attention your dog needs. Don’t let them miss out on anything!