Artero Dog Bathtub B1

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Dog and cat grooming bathtub for all sizes and weights with 304 stainless steel door and access stairs.


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Dog grooming bathtub with stainless steel 304 door and access stairs.

Lower front panel to be able to manipulate the dog while applying cosmetics.
Easy access for the pet with sliding door.
Greater capacity compared to a standard bathtub.
Smooth shapes without curves, ideal for making the most of space even for larger breeds.
Ideal for transfers or changes within the dog grooming salon. In case of renovation or relocation, it can be moved.
Easy to clean.
Safe for pets, includes restraint to tie pets during bathing.
Micro-perforated floor grid adaptable in height so that the dog is not in contact with the water that accumulates in the bottom until it filters.
Stainless steel is synonymous with long-lasting and durable while maintaining a good appearance.
More hygienic than other types of surfaces.

-Removable steps for large dogs access.
-Micro-perforated steel floor tray adaptable in height.
-Shower with single handle.
-Basket for accessories.

Maintenance and cleaning of stainless steel:
Stainless steel, like any other surface, must be cleaned to maintain its great beauty, as well as maintain the necessary hygienic conditions according to specific uses.
To achieve perfect maintenance and great surface beauty, cleaning is essential to keep surfaces clean of dirt and indefinitely prolong the life of stainless steel.
Periodically, wash surfaces with neutral soap and water until dirt is removed.
Use cloths and/or sponges that do not scratch the stainless steel.
Never forget a good rinse with water after any cleaning operation.
A final drying will enhance the beauty of the surfaces.

Bleach should not be used.
Never use a carbon steel tool in contact with stainless steel, which would cause contamination by iron with the immediate appearance of brown-orange rust on stainless steel surfaces.