Artero Splash Mat

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PVC S-Curl mat with 0.39 inch thickness for bathtubs (B1 and B3). With great cushioning and non-slip capacity. Filters water perfectly for a more agile rinse. Can be rolled and folded, recovering its shape.


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-        Rubber mat for dog grooming bathtub

-        Non-slip, prevents dogs from slipping and shaking on metal or plastic surfaces.

-        Padded, for maximum relaxation of pets during bathing

-        Great water filtration capacity, quickly rinses off cosmetics

-        Can be rolled up for easy storage

Directions for use: unroll and place on the floor of the bathtub or platform and proceed with bathing the dogs. After use, rinse and let dry.
Composition: PVC.
Special for the relaxation and safety of dogs and cats during their bath. Improves the performance of the dog grooming bathtub