Artero Electric Dog Bathtub B3

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Electric dog bath for largedogs


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Dog grooming bath for large, medium and small dogs, with electric, sliding door.



Height can be adjusted from the base, where the dog is placed (from 27 to 75 cm).

Height control pedals.

Measurements see next picture[MAG1] .

Easy accessibility.

Lower front panel to permit convenient dog handling while applying products. 

Larger capacity than standard baths.

Smooth, space-saving shape, ideal even for larger breeds.

Convenient and easy to move around the grooming salon.

Easy to clean.

Safe for pets:

includes harness for use while bathing.

Adaptable to the height of the breed and the groomer to facilitate optimal pet handling.

Convenient door for easy access, particularly for large breed dogs.

Perforated grille provides separation from the base of the bath, so that the dog is not standing in water before it drains away. 

Made from durable and attractive stainless steel. 

More hygienic than other surfaces.



Height-adjustable, micro-perforated steel base tray.

Accessory basket.



Stainless steel care and maintenance:

Stainless steel, like any other surface, must be cleaned to ensure optimal hygiene and to maintain its attractive appearance.

Keeping surfaces clean maintains the appearance and ensures the durability of stainless steel. 

Wash surfaces regularly with neutral soap and water. 

Use cloths and/or sponges that do not scratch the stainless steel.

Rinse thoroughly after washing. 

Drying surfaces off enhances the appearance. 



Do not use bleach.

Never use a carbon steel tool on stainless steel, as it will cause contamination resulting in oxidised orange patches.