Artero Loop 8.4 Oz

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Curl and cord texturising spray.


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EFFECT: Instant curl and ringlet recovery, fixes, holds and texturizes the cords.

USE: For dogs with curly and corded hair, generating curls and fixing them when drying.


HOW TO USE: Spray on damp hair, massage and dry. As a finishing spray, apply after sryling and combing. Or apply to wet cords, massage and dry.


A special texturizing spray for curly and corded coats.

The Curly trend has arrived and Loop is the best product to achieve this effect on curly and wavy haired dogs.
By spraying it either on a dry or wet coat, this spray recovers the curl and elasticity of cords and fixes when drying.
Its texturizing and fixing effect acts on cords avoiding them from unraveling or breaking, achieving a defined and clean cord.
In addition, it is hydrating and nourishing, and is gentle on the coat and skin thanks to the essential oils.