Commitment to sustainability: Artero's vegan product line

In a world where sustainability and animal welfare are increasingly important, Artero, a leader in the pet care industry, has taken significant steps to align itself with these values. In this article, we will explore Artero's vegan product line, designed not only to take care of our pets, but also to protect the environment and promote an ethical treatment of animals. 

Artero's Commitment to Sustainability 

History and evolution  

Since its foundation in 1909, Artero has represented quality and innovation in the pet care industry. Over the years, the company has evolved, adopting more sustainable and ethical practices in its production, such as the production of recyclable cardboard packaging, the use of eco-friendly materials in articles and processes, the implementation of bamboo in its new product lines, the incorporation of solar panels in its facilities and the management of resources with the least impact on the environment. 

Company values  

At Artero, we believe in respect for life and the environment. Our commitment is reflected in each of our products, and the decision to develop a vegan product line is a natural extension of these values.  

The growing demand for cruelty-free and sustainable products led us to develop a vegan product line. We wanted to offer our customers options that are not only safe and effective for their pets, but also respectful of our planet. 

What Makes a Product Vegan?  

A vegan product contains no animal ingredients and is not tested on animals. This means that all components are of plant or mineral origin and are sustainably sourced.  

Vegan products not only benefit pets by avoiding potentially irritating ingredients, but also contribute to the reduction of animal exploitation and the protection of the environment.  

The Artero Vegan Line  

Our vegan range includes mainly shampoos, conditioners and sprays, all formulated with natural and sustainable ingredients. 

Key ingredients  

We use ingredients such as aloe vera, known for its moisturising properties; coconut oil, which nourishes and softens the coat; and botanical extracts such as green tea, which soothes and protects the skin. In addition, we also use other ingredients such as lemon oil, citronella, vegetable glycerin and tea tree. 

All our vegan products are dermatologically tested and certified by recognised organisations that guarantee their quality and safety.  

Environmental and Ethical Impact  

By choosing plant-based ingredients and sustainable production processes, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint, contributing to the fight against climate change. In addition, our vegan products avoid animal exploitation and help protect biodiversity. Every purchase of an Artero vegan product is a step towards a more ethical and sustainable world. 

We have a mission

At Artero, we are proud of our vegan product line and our commitment to sustainability and animal welfare. We invite all pet lovers to try our vegan products and join us in our mission to make the world a better place for all creatures.  

Which are the Artero's vegan cosmetics?

Thank you for your interest and for being part of the shift towards a more sustainable and ethical future.