Artero Podium Dry Hold

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Dry hair spray for extra hold and texturizing.

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Hair Spray for Dogs and Cats with Total Fixation.

Resistant to the dog's movement and possible shakes.
Ideal for fixing the Top Knot.

The ideal touch for all dog breeds, especially Terriers or cats.

Leaves no residue, so application to black dogs or cats is perfect.

Can be applied indistinctly to fix or texturize an arrangement.
Allows for easy removal with a simple brushing.

Artero Podium Dry Hold Hairspray allows for free movement of the dog/cat and coat.


Shake before use.
Apply from a distance of approximately 12"  to allow the product to be spread correctly throughout the area with total homogeneity in a dry form.

FIXING HAIRSTYLE: After working  the coat, apply hairspray and style the hair with a brush. 

TEXTURIZING: Use before cutting or Stripping


Aluminum container of 10.05 oz.