Artero One Plus Thinning

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Professional hair sculpting shears.

With an extreme cut and high thinning capacity, it can remove a large amount of hair in a short amount of time.

With an adjustable screw for easy adjustment.

25% Thinning.


Sculpting scissors for professional hairdressing stainless steel. Smooth and efficient fast blending. Recommended for large sections and high densities.



Alloy: 60Hrc, high-end stainless steel.

-Handle: ergonomic.

-Knife edge: on the cutting blade.

-Concave blades: on the cutting edge, they achieve a smoother cut.

-Hardness:60 Hrc is a high-end steel.

-Shaft type: manually adjustable screw.

Finger support: fixed, it allows us to rest the finger and have a better grip.

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