Artero Music Muzzle

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Washable printed nylon muzzles, with adjustable band.

Available in four sizes

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Muzzle for large dogs with ample ventilation in front of nose and mouth.


Available in four sizes.

Measurements of *muzzle: 4.3" to 5.1".*Measurements of the muzzle on the muzzle taken are from the muzzle's exit circumference (nose end) and entrance circumference.Washable printed nylon.With adjustable strap.USE: Prevents a dog from biting another dog, person or object.

Suitable for dogs.

How to put the muzzle on my dog? 

You have to put his nose inside.We recommend a small treat inside the muzzle to make him want to put his nose inside the muzzle.Once the nose is correctly placed, put the fastening straps with special care so as not to stress the animal, be patient and give him time to create this routine. It is not recommended to use a muzzle to stop barking. If your dog barks incessantly, we recommend a visit to the veterinarian to determine the cause and possible solution.

How to choose a muzzle for my dog? 

When our pet is forced to use a muzzle, it has to fulfill a basic requirement - to prevent it from biting - but it is also essential to make it as respectful as possible to the dog.The muzzle must be used in those situations where it is required, and not as a habit.It should not be used during the day, for example, when left at home alone without supervision as it could cause anxiety to your dog and that is not the function of a muzzle.

Recommendations for the first time your pet is going to use a muzzle. 

We recommend showing it to your pet so that he becomes familiar with it. Wear it for a few minutes around the house so that he gets used to it, distract him with games and reward him with affection or caresses, even a treat! If your pet is rebellious and does not listen to you, we recommend that you attend a trainer who will teach your dog better behavior and you how to redirect him and reward him for it.

When does my dog have to wear a muzzle?

The regulations for muzzles can be consulted in the BOE of the State Agency for dogs in Spain, where you can see the legislation, which describes when they have to wear a muzzle, by type of behavior, situation or breed.


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