Artero Matt-X Conditioner Spray 10.1 Oz

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A powerful dematting, conditioning spray. 


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A powerful dematting, conditioning spray

  • Dematting can sometimes be very harsh and detrimental for the coat. Using matt-X helps break up the matt without splitting the hair.

  • This conditioning spray softens the matted area, allowing it to be broken gently, it improves the glide of the slicker through the coat and protects the hair by coating the hair with a film making it more elastic and more resistant to brushing.



  • Eliminates knots and matts

  • The result is a full-bodied and matt-free coat

  • Contains a vitamin complex which protects the coat

  • Effectively and quickly helps dematt the coat

  • Suitable for all breeds

  • 10.1oz spray format


Artero Matt-X has been awarded in the USA as Product of the Year

Directions for use

When applying the product, we recommend following these steps:

→ It can be used both wet and dry. When wet, it should be used on a clean coat after bathing the dog. Apply to a dry coat whilst brushing out the matt.

→ Spray Matt-X on matted or knotted hair, at a distance of 30cm. The larger the matt, more product should be applied.

→ Wait 10 to 30 seconds for product to soften up the matt

Use on dry coat

If we do not have time or possibility to bathe our pet, Matt-X can be used on a dry coat, before brushing. Spray it just on the matted areas, wait 10-30 seconds and start brushing first in favor of the hair and then in all directions. As the matt opens up, if needed, we can apply more Matt-X to speed up the work.


Amodimethicone: conditioner that provides instant manageability and aids dematting.

Citric: an active ingredient found naturally in citrus fruits (mainly lemons) which, thanks to its low pH, closes the cuticles of the hair and adds shine to the whole coat.

Centromunium Chloride: instant conditioner with an antistatic effect that neutralises electrical charges and makes it possible to obtain more laminated coats without excessive volume and static.

Silicone Quaternium: combines a powerful conditioner with a chorionic fixative that turns it into a conditioning molecule that will repair any damage to the coat, thus optimising the effectiveness of the active ingredient, and dramatically increasing the effect of the product on coats that have more damaged areas than others, often the areas of the tips that have suffered more aggressions due to the sun, brushing, etc