Artero Epika Thinning 38T.

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Professional 7" Sculpting Shears.

Hypoallergenic coating, ideal for finishing on medium and fine coats.

20% Thinning.


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Rose gold and black handle. Epika Sculpting Shear is elegant and unique in its design. Versatile for barbering and hairdressing work. Can create shapes, texturize, add volume even curl a hair thanks to its blade and cutting type. Facilitates messy, mullet and very fashionable work
6" professional sculpting hairdressing scissors and 30 teeth.


-Alloy: 440c high range stainless steel.

-Handle: Semi off-set.

-Razor edge: Allows us to defile and texturize.

-Concave blades: On the edge blade, they achieve a smoother cut.

-Hardness: 60 Hrc+-1

-Axle type: Adjustable screw.

-Finger rest: Fixed, allows us to rest the finger and have better control of the scissors.

-Vacuum: 20%

-Teeth: 38 straight V-shaped teeth.

-Measure: 7"