Double Artero Complements Display

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Vertical display for pet care accessories. Ideal for reaching customers in an elegant and practical way. Display measures: 14.76 x 33.86 x 13.39 inches.
Full display with Artero Complements line items detailed below:
P452 Artero Super Coat 8 Sheets. 3 units.
P454 Artero Super Coat 12 Sheets. 3 units.
P456 Artero Super Coat 20 Sheets. 3 units.
P314 Artero Coat Xtrema. 3 units.
P754 Artero Slicker Very Small. 3 units.
P756 Artero Slicker Large. 3 units.
P758 Artero Slicker Double Flexible. 3 inidades.
P316 Artero Slicker Double Flexible Small. 3 inidades.
P482 Artero Special Knots Medium Slicker.
P356 Artero Slicker Protected Tooth Small. 3 units.
P937 Artero Protected Tooth Nature Collection Slicker L. 3 units.
P254 Artero Long Metal Tooth Brush. 3 units.
P307 Artero Natural Bristle Brush. 3 units.
P222 Artero Long Metal Comb. 3 units.
P228 Artero Tear Comb. 3 units.
P223 Artero Detangling Comb. 3 units.
P244 Artero Long Metal Comb 15 cm. 3 units.
P217 Artero Knot Cutter Side. 3 units.
P247 Artero Special Knot Cutter. 3 units.
P392 Artero Glove. 3 units.
P211 Artero Red Glove. 3 units.
P359 Artero Retractable Rake.
P226 Artero Large Nail Cutter. 3 units.
Y227 Artero Small Nail Cutter.

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