Artero Noodle Towel Rumba (77X40CM)

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 Rectangular microfibre towel with noodles for superior drying and two pockets for easy handling. Highly absorbent. Available in turquoise and anthracite with an embroidered logo. Presented in a fabric bag. Machine washable. 


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Dry your pet in seconds with this highly absorbent towel.

o   Towel with pockets for easy handling. 

o   The microfibre noodles provide greater drying capacity over a wet surface, superior to other types of towel. 

o   Ideal size and shape for all dog breeds and cats. 

o   Available in turquoise and anthracite with an embroidered logo. 


Instructions: Put your hands in each of the pockets of the dry towel and rub the noodles over your pet’s damp or wet coat. After use, let the towel dry in a well-ventilated area. Wash after using several times, or if it smells or is dirty, using a cool wash in the washing machine or by hand. 

·       Composition 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide  

·       Designed for drying pets (all dog breeds and cats) 

Dimensions: 77x40cm