Artero Towel/Pocket Zumba 64X23 cm

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Long-shaped microfiber towel with two pockets to secure hands and get a better grip.

Removes a large amount of moisture.

Turquoise and anthracite color with embroidered logo, comes in a zippered bag. Can be machine washed.


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Dry your pet in seconds with a lightweight and comfortable towel
Towel with pockets for better handling
Microfiber fabric that achieves better moisture absorption
Ideal shape and size for small breeds, puppies and cats
Turquoise and anthracite color with embroidered logo

Mode of use: With the dry fabric, insert each hand into a pocket and rub the smooth face of the towel on the wet or wet mantle.
After use, let it dry in a ventilated area.
In case of several uses, bad smell or dirt, wash (washing machine with cold water or by hand)

Composition: 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide
Special for drying small pets (small, puppies, cats, rabbits)