Artero One 2-Piece 6" Set

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Professional Hairdressing Scissors Set.

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Set of Professional Hairdressing Scissors.
Artero One has been created for hairdressers in training or beginners
Artero offers scissors within the reach of everyone with good quality at a good price.

1 Artero One Cutting Scissors 6"
1 Artero One 6" Sculpting Scissors with 30 teeth.


Razor Edge: allows us to define and texturize. The edge makes the scissors slide easily through the hair.

-Concave blades: Achieve a smoother cut, facilitate maintenance, avoid friction and intermediate jams. 

-Finger rest: Fixed, allows us to rest the finger and have better control of the scissors. 

-Screw: Adjustable, allows us to adjust the screw according to the smoothness we want.

-Alloy: 440c steel is high-end stainless steel, high hardness, good edge retention and high resistance to wear.