Artero Cats Product Pack

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Special pack for cats. A combination chosen by the best professionals to eliminate shedding hair and provide shine to the coat.


4Cats Shampoo 9 oz: Shampoo for cats suitable for all hair types

Protein Vital Conditioner 3.46 oz: The conditioner for long hair and damaged hair 

Baby Perfume 3.04 fl oz: perfume full of emotions with a blend of wood tone essences

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The special kit that contains high quality products for the care of your cat's hair and skin.
Ideal to keep your pet perfect.


1 4Cats Shampoo 9 oz. : Shampoo for cats indicated for all types of hair
1 Protein Vital Conditioner 3.46 oz. : Conditioner for long hair and damaged hair
1 Baby Perfume 3.4 oz. : perfume full of emotions with a blend of essences in wood tones

General precautions for shampoo and conditioner

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water
Keep out of reach of your pet
Do not ingest
Protect mucous membranes and eyes
Do not make whirlpools to avoid tangles

Our Artero Cosmetics does not contain mink oil
It is not tested on animals

Artero is a company respectful of the environment, therefore, in addition to taking care of the skin and hair of our pets, we also take care of the well-being and the environment that surrounds us, respecting the environment with our aluminum and / or PE or PET C plastic containers in our Artero Cosmetics and Artero Complements line.

Help us complete the chain, properly recycling the used containers.

Buy with Confidence: 100% Artero Guarantee.
Artero is a Spanish company with more than 100 years of experience in the world of professional canine hairdressing.