The best beard styles for your face

Even though there are many different beard styles, some will suit you better than others. To look attractive, elegant and seductive, you need to get it right when choosing one, and then look after it well. Here are some tips to help.

Discover the best beard style for your face shape

Your facial structure determines what style will suit you best. While it’s true that your own preferences and personality have an influence, you need to pay attention to what really suits you. You need to successfully determine which areas to promote and which to conceal. At Artero, we help you achieve your perfect beard.


Your face is oval-shaped when it is longer than the width of your cheekbones and your forehead is wider than your jaw. In this case, you’re in luck: any option will look incredible on you, except a very long goatee.

As such, you can buy whatever styling tools you want because you’ll always look attractive. Get hold of a Legacy clipper and design a tapered beard to your liking. You’ll look fantastic with a mustache, especially a horseshoe mustache. A 3-day beard will also blow people away on these symmetrical, seductive faces.


This is another shape this is admired and desired. The lengths are the same across the whole face, the jaw is angled and the chin is discrete. You’re also not going to find it too difficult to look good with almost any style of beard.

However, if it’s very thick or bushy, you may look too tough. The Barber Razor is a good tool for trimming it and creating rounded beards with a goatee or mustache.


These faces are much longer, so long, narrow beards add a lot of style. Beard styles with volume on the cheekbones will suit you. Mustaches also work well with this shape.

That’s why we suggest you equip yourself with a Barber Boomerang comb to control your bushy beard. Shortening the visual length, adding definition to the cheekbones and jaw, and going for big sideburns are all good decisions.


We can all recognize a round shape immediately. To style this shape, try to create angles on your cheekbones and emphasize your jaw. For example, with an anchor goatee separated from the mustache, a Balbo beard or a short boxed beard.

The childlike and somewhat softer appearance of this shape can be compensated with robust, irregular beards. So, avoid a 3-day beard and beards that even. If you have a long beard, a Barber brush will be very useful.


The most eye-catching feature of this facial structure is the chin, which is wider than the rest of the face. To balance out your appearance, outlined beards and bushy mustaches, together or separately, are good choices.

However, styles that are excessively long won’t suit you, and neither will unkempt hair on the cheekbones. To outline and add detail to a short beard, we recommend buying a Joker Mini+ trimmer , especially if you have sensitive skin.


When your forehead is wider than your cheekbones and jaw, you have a heart-shaped face. If your chin ends in a point, it will be even more pronounced. In this case, you need to choose long, bushy beards, or even a Viking beard.

Your aim must be to add volume to your face. In fact, an original, eye-catching and chiseled mustache will look fabulous on you. So, including a pair of Evoque sculpting scissors in your beard grooming kit will be very useful. With these, you can give your imagination free rein for even more spectacular effects.

Whatever the case may be, our advice is that you forget small, wispy beards. Volume is your best ally!


We’ll finish with another easily recognizable face shape. This is when the cheekbones are wider than the forehead and the jaw. The forehead and jaw are almost always quite symmetrical.

The most recommended strategy is to focus the attention on the chin. So, outlined beards and clean cheeks are great choices. Despite this, pointed goatees don’t work because they make your face longer.

Bearing in mind the types of beards that best suit you, it is a good idea to round off your beard grooming kit with a Poker trimmer. As soon as you master it, you can practice some eye-catching looks.

Having reached this point, we can establish three main conclusions. If you keep them in mind when creating and caring for your beard, you’ll look much better:

  1. Choose your beard on the basis of your face shape.
  2. Use the right tools for cutting and caring for your beard. Choose the best quality tools.
  3. Feel at ease flaunting the beard style that you feel best in.

No matter what, out of all the beard styles, there are several that will make you very attractive. Begin from what you like best and bring your personal style to it. This way, you’ll combine the two keys to style success: adaptation and character. Grow a very attractive, classy beard!