Do you know which haircuts for women look best on you? It’s no secret that hair completely transforms a person’s appearance, which is why you need to make the right decision if you’re considering changing your look. In this article, we help you make the most out of your appearance. Don’t miss it!

How can I tell what my face shape is?

The first step to getting the right haircut is understanding the shape of your face. Have you stopped to think about what shape it is? This information is key when deciding which haircut will suit you best.

If you don’t already know what face shape you have, don’t worry, we’ll help you. You just need a white pencil and a mirror. Start by doing a low ponytail. It’s important to get every lock of hair out of your face so that you can clearly see your face and features. Then, mark the entire outline of your face using the pencil. When you finish, you’ll have one of the geometric shapes that we will explain below:

  • Square: This is characterized by a forehand and jaw of similar proportions, as well as straight lines and well-defined angles. The result it gives is a combination of strength and elegance. Have you ever seen someone with perfectly sculpted cheekbones? It’s very likely that it is someone with a square face.
  • Round: As with the previous shape, the forehead and jaw are of the same proportions. However, these are combined with full cheeks and rounded lines, just like a full moon!
  • Oval: This is considered the perfect shape in beauty because of its well-balanced proportions. The face is one and a half times as long as the width of the face. It also features an even forehead and well-defined jaw.
  • Heart-shaped or inverted triangle: As the name suggests, this face shape has a larger forehead and a pointed jaw.

Which haircut suits me best according to my features?

Now do you know which group you belong to? If so, it’s time to find your haircut. Take note!


With all its variations and alternatives, the bob is a great ally for almost every face shape. However, this cut particularly benefits inverted triangle faces, especially if it has volume and finishes below the chin.

Wavy bobs and choppy bobs (rounded, and with more movement) are perfect for people with a square face. The soft lines manage to smooth out the angular features that are characteristic of this face shape.

Extra-long hair

Ideal for women with a round face, as long, thick hair helps to lengthen the features. However, remember that having long hair doesn’t mean you don’t need to cut it. Don’t forget that one of the main keys to enjoying long, healthy hair is to periodically get rid of the damaged ends.

If you like, you can complete the look with long, sweeping bangs. This way, you will be able to conceal the rounded contours of the face more easily. Also, when you wear your extra-long hair up, you can leave some hair loose to continue to enjoy its flattering effect.


Of course, oval faces are the most prized when it comes to beauty. And practically any hairstyle will suit. If that’s you, why not try something a little riskier?

Our suggestion would be a pixie, as a hairstyle with volume like this is perfect for bringing fullness to the face. One of its greatest ambassadors was Diana, Princess of Wales, who opted for this style in the 90s. Are you up for copying her iconic style?


This works very well with women who have a square face, as long hair with layers is able to smooth out and perfect the features. Ideally, layers would begin just below the chin and the hair would end half-way down the back.

If you want to add bangs, these should be bottleneck or very short and to one side. The danger of bangs with this type of face is that they can make the face appear smaller and rounder. So, if you don’t want to complicate matters, perhaps the alternative is to do without bangs.

Now you know which haircuts for women are the most appropriate depending on your face shape. Go to the hair salon with confidence to change up your look. Also, don’t forget that at Artero, we have a fabulous variety of haircare products, such as shears, combs and much more. Take a look at our catalogue!