Grooming a horse is part of the fundamental care they need to be provided with. It is a key element in preventing illnesses and, above all, ensuring their wellbeing. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need for maintaining your horse’s coat.

What horse grooming involves

In general, this process has two phases. Firstly, any visible dirt, such as sweat or mud, needs to be removed. Secondly, a deeper clean is carried out, with hair being the focal point. It is treated from the root using brushes and specific products.

You must be aware of three particular areas that are more sensitive than the rest of the body. These are the head, the insides of their legs and the belly. Just be a bit more gentle around these areas to avoid skin irritation or sores.

Furthermore, there are three main types of horse hair:

  • Coat.
  • Mane.
  • Tail.

The first is the most abundant, and its density varies throughout the year. In winter, it is longer and more robust, in order to maintain body temperature. When summer arrives, it tends to be shorter to avoid dehydration and help expel liquids through the skin.

Removing molting hair is the most important step. The process lasts all year, but is particularly prominent during the summer. This hair should be removed with a comb and tends to be the phase that takes up the most time. The whole body should be smoothly combed, paying special attention around the mane and tail.

Sometimes, people resort to grooming gels for horses. From our experience, we would strongly discourage you from this option, as it removes the protective oil layer. As a result, it increases the risk of infection in the superficial layers of the skin (or even the deeper ones).

The grooming process

Como método general, te recomendamos seguir los siguientes pasos:

  • Frotar el pelo suavemente y haciendo movimientos circulares con una almohaza.
  • Utilizar un cepillo de cerdas duras para retirar el pelo de muda y restos de suciedad.
  • Mojar una esponja suave y pasarla repetidamente por la cara en la dirección del pelo.
  • Enjuagar todo el cuerpo del caballo con una manguera sin ejercer presión.
  • Usar un champú hidratante para que el pelo esté más brillante y crezca de manera fuerte.
  • Realizar el aclarado con agua hasta que no quede ningún resto de champú.
  • Secarlo mediante el uso de un secador de pelo y una toalla en la parte más sensible.
  • Peinar todo el cuerpo, en especial la crin y la cola para que no se formen nudos.

Basic horse grooming kit

There are certain products you must have as part of your basic kit. We’ve selected the most important products, along with recommendations for each from our catalogue. The products we sell are excellent quality, so they are ideal for horse care.

Hydrating shampoo

The most suitable shampoo is one with balancing properties. This means it regulates oil levels in the hair without drying out the skin. We recommend going for one with biotin, which is essential for stimulating hair growth and preventing excess hair loss or breakage. A good example would be the Sublime shampoo.

Soft-bristle brush

Soft bristles are essential for more delicate areas. They are intended for areas like the head or the belly, where the skin is thinner. In these cases, it’s best to reduce friction to avoid irritation or cuts. One suitable option is our S1 Horse Brush.

Hard-bristle brush

In turn, hard bristles help to eliminate dirt such as mud, soil or dust. This brush type, such as the S2 horse brush, should be used after cleaning. When using this brush, and by brushing in one direction, the coat will have a much better shine.

Carbon towel

Carbon towels, such as our Artero Ultra-Absorbent model, are ideal for horses. They can dry up to three times more efficiently than conventional towels. They have amazing absorption power and are easily wrung dry to reduce the length of the process.

Hoof balm

Hoof balm is perfect for achieving fantastic hydration. We especially recommend using it during winter to prevent the hooves from drying out. Our Stiletto balm is made of up high-quality oils, which achieve a longer-lasting effect.

As you can see, horse grooming is a key aspect in their care. It will certainly seem complicated at first, but it won’t take long to get used to. With suitable products and the right method, you can make sure your horse’s coat fulfils its protective function year-round.