Artero Sublime Shampoo

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This horse moisturizing shampoo helps maintain equine hygiene and helps prevent skin problems. It also prevents the development of bacteria or fungi while providing softness and shine to the coat.


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Characteristics of Artero moisturizing shampoo for horses
The Artero Sublime Shampoo is ideal for all types of coats:

- Provides deep hydration thanks to its formula, developed for both short and long horse hair.
- Detangles easily and prevents the formation of tangles in the mane and tail.
- Softens the horse's hair and provides intense shine regardless of coat color.
- Has a delicate and pleasant smell that does not bother equines.
-Includes conditioners that help prevent skin dryness and the presence of dandruff.
-Decreases hair breakage in the mane and tail, providing greater flexibility.
-It does not alter the pH of the horse's skin, so it can be included in the daily routine of the equine.
-The Moisturizing Horse Shampoo by Artero is marketed in a 1000 ml format.

Directions of use of the moisturizing shampoo for horses..

It is recommended for daily use to keep the animal's skin healthy and the appearance of the coat luminous. To do this, it is necessary to follow these steps:

-Thoroughly wet the horse with warm water. You can use a wet sponge or hose, as long as the water does not have too much pressure and does not enter the horse's ears.
-Apply the Artero moisturizing shampoo for horses all over the body with the Artero mitt.
-Rub the horse until lathering and give circular massages.
-Wash body, mane and tail.
-Leave the shampoo to act for three to five minutes.
-Rinse with plenty of water until there is no product residue.
-Remove excess water from the coat and dry with towels.
-The product is formulated exclusively for external use.

Before bathing it is recommended to remove dirt and shedding hair with a rubber comb and mane brush. To wash the horse's face, the use of shampoo is not required, if not desired.

Composition of Artero moisturizing shampoo for horses.

This shampoo includes some vitamins of the B family and natural extracts, for maximum hydration and softness in the coat. Among its components are the following:

-Biotin. Also known as vitamin B7, it helps to keep hair strong and healthy and prevents it from becoming weak and brittle. It promotes a balanced pH that does not damage or dry the skin.
-Natural horse chestnut extract Provides protection to the outer part of the coat, especially when it is weak. It also acts improving the hair damaged by the sun, thanks to its mixture of revitalizing compounds.

Artero Horse Moisturizing Shampoo works by retaining moisture in the equine hair and dermis during the washing process. It increases the quality and softness of both wet and dry hair, and provides a healthy and elegant appearance. This horse moisturizing shampoo is not tested on other animals.

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