Artero Angel Shampoo

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Artero Angel Shampoo for white shades

Artero Angel is a shampoo designed for the care of the coat of horses with white, gray, dapple or light spots. To keep the coat of these animals soft and care for their color, this white horse hair shampoo supplies the equine dermis with all the necessary nutrients. In addition, the results it provides in terms of cleanliness are most effective.

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Characteristics of Artero Angel shampoo for white shades horse hair.

This shampoo with biotin includes high quality components selected to supply the vitamin deficiencies of the coat and skin. Buying a horse shampoo like this one helps prevent dryness, dandruff, ulcers, rashes, wounds and skin eczema. This way the animal will maintain a healthy appearance at all times, as well as a shinier, silkier and cleaner coat. Artero Angel is a shampoo that is characterized by the following:

-It provides shine and softness to the horse's coat.
-It leaves a mild aroma, which does not affect the smell of the equine or upset them in any way.
-It significantly improves the intensity of gray and white colors in the coat of the animal.
-It has a gun format that facilitates its application and helps to reach the dirtiest areas of the horse.
-It provides good smell to the horse, and gives a cleaner and healthier appearance.
-It is marketed in a convenient presentation of 1000 ml.

How to use Artero Biotin Shampoo.

In order for the formula of this shampoo to penetrate well into the horse's coat and skin, it is important to follow the steps below:

-Apply the shampoo and rub until it generates foam and is easy to spread.
-Leave to act on the coat an average of 3 to 5 minutes, while it takes effect. Afterwards, rinse it off.
-This is a product for external use only. It should not be ingested.

The product can be used on areas such as the tail, mane and coat to enhance their white color. This process also significantly reduces yellowish tones in the horse's coat. The end result is a strong and healthy coat with a normal pH. In addition, it provides protection to weak and damaged hair due to external agents.

This shampoo can be applied in the daily bath of the equine, if it trains regularly and needs that frequency of bathing. Also in animals that, due to a delicate state of health or for any other reason, only require one or two baths per week; in these cases, if necessary, the process can be repeated twice to completely remove the dirt from the horse's coat.

The key active components of Artero Angel White Horse Shampoo are biotin, chestnut extract and blue pigment. This is an equine shampoo that will not only enhance the light tones of the animal's coat, but also includes nourishing elements for its skin that will enhance its shine and softness.