Artero Queen Plus Scissors

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Professional hairdressing scissors Artero Queen Plus with steel 440C.

Suitable for cutting and slicing.

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Artero Queen Plus professional hairdressing scissors with 440C steel.

Modern version of the Artero Queen scissors.


Alloy: 440C steel.

Blades: Razor, concave.

Hardness: 60HRc +/-1.

Connection: Screw.

Finger Rest: Removable.

Handle: Symmetrical.

Scissors for right-handers.

Size: 5,5"

Recommended For: Beginners and experienced.

Color: Silver.

How to extend the life of your scissors?

For the care of your scissors and blades you should refrigerate, disinfect and clean them with Artero Oil Fresh instant use spray (You can look for it with the reference Y447 or below in "Related Products") every time you change service or as often as necessary. We recommend storing the scissors in their case, in an individual case or in the work sling, after their respective use.

How to customize your scissors?

Artero allows you to customize your scissors with your name, phrase or logo to make it unique. For name engraving, you can look for reference C307 and for logo engraving, you can check reference C306. See below under "Related Items".

Artero is a Spanish company with more than 100 years of experience, leaders in the manufacture of scissors in Spain and present in hairdressers' salons all over the world.