Artero Onix 50T Thinning Scissors

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Professional hairdressing scissors for thinning. Highly resistant scissors with a high capacity of thinning that allows you to blend providing very precise finishes. 20% thinning.


Short handle and  long blades that improve the scissors-on-comb technique.

Its concave blades allow for large sections of hair.


-Alloy: Japanese 440C steel.

-Handle: Ergonomic symmetrical handle.

-Razor edge: It allows us to parade and texturize.

-Concave Blades: On the cutting edge, they achieve a smoother cut.

-Hardness: 60 +/-1

-Shaft Type: Soft - Adjustable system.

-Finger Support: Fixed, allows us to rest the finger and have a better control of the scissors.

-Thinning: 35% 

-Teeth: 50 curved teeth.

-Size: 7"