Artero One Dark Thinners 30T

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Artero One Dark 30T 6" professional thinning scissors.

Hypoallergenic PVD coating.

 25% thinning.



Good quality at a good price, Artero looks to provide for everyone.

Elegant and eye-catching Japanese 440c steel, to guarantee the best results.


-alloy:440C steel coated with black titanium.

-Handle: offset-ergonomic.

-Razor Rdge: allows us to blend and texturize.

-Hardness: 57 HRc.

-Shaft Type: adjustable screw.

-Finger Support: fixed, allows us to rest the finger and have a better control of the scissors.

-Thinning: 25% 

-Teeth: 30 V-shaped teeth.

-Size: 6"