Artero Black Intense 5.5" Set

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Artero Black Intense hairdressing scissors set.

Contains: 1 x Black Intense 5.5" cutting scissors 1 x Black Intense 5.5" thinning scissors


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Symmetrical and comfortable scissors , suitable for all types of cuts, such as blending or cutting point.

Contains 1 Black Intense 5.5" cutting scissors .

Contains 1Black Intense 5.5" thinning scissors .


-Alloy: 440c steel is high-end stainless steel, high hardness, good edge retention and high resistance to wear and corrosion;

-Titanium Coating: for people with nickel allergy this titanium coating insulates them from nickel.

-Sharp Razor Edge: allows us to blend and texturize, glides easily through the hair.

-Concave Blades: achieve a smoother cut, facilitate maintenance, avoid friction and intermediate jams;

-Hardness: 57 hrc +/-1 is found in premium scissors , high hardness steel, resistant, with ultra-sharp edge.

-Shaft Type: adjustable screw to be able to regulate to your comfort.

-Finger Support: removable.

-Handle: symmetrical, but with an ergonomic handle for better comfort.

-Thinning: 30% marked.

-Teeth: 30 teeth.

-Size: 5.5"