Artero Alp 29T

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Professional hairdressing thinning shear with 29t


Professional hairdressing scissors with 29 teeth. Marked and deep cut.

Deconstruct hair while cutting and texturizing. Ergonomic, recommended for shear-over-comb due to its size.


-Alloy: 440c Japanese steel.

-Handle: Symmetrical.

-Razor Edge: High quality extreme razor edge.

-Concave Blades: On the cutting edge, they achieve a smoother cut.

-Hardness: 60HRc +/-1

-Shaft Type: The bearing is a ball bearing that offers maximum smoothness and the ability to work all day with soft scissors without hardening.

-Finger Support: Removable, important for comfortable working.

-Thinning: 50% 

-Teeth: 29 teeth

-Size: 6"