Artero Oil Fresh Lubricant

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Cooling and disinfectant spray for hairdressing blades, clippers and shears.


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Disinfecting, cooling and lubricating spray for professional hairdressing blades, clippers and shears. 

Immediate features


Antioxidant.Long-term features

Continued use will prevent blades and shears from excessive wear, extending the life of the tool.

General features


It can be used as many times as necessary, in the same service.

It is also applied on the screw of the shear, removing excess dirt and improving the friction of the shears. 
Improves and prolongs the cut. 
Aluminum packaging. 
Presentation in 300ml spray. 

How to use

Shake before use. 
It is recommended to apply Oil Fresh before each new session. 


Start the clipper. 
The blade should be with the teeth pointing to the ground. 
The Oil Fresh is to be used on the blade, it should not enter the clipper. 



Apply between blades lengthwise, from the height of the screw to the end of the blade. 



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