Artero Bops Wet Grooming Gloves 20 U

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Artero Bops are wet disposable gloves, 20 Units, to clean the body. Ideal for cleaning extremities and face with a pleasant fresh scent.

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Moist disposable gloves for cleaning

Good daily hygiene is essential to prevent all types of skin problems.

Removes unpleasant odors and dirt in one pass. Provides instant shine and perfume. Its format will help us to a quick and effective cleaning.

Ideal for cold weather without the possibility of bathing in the short term.


-         Contains 20 units

-         Add shine

-         They provide good

-         Disposable single-use wipes.

-         External use.

Directions of use:

-        Remove glove

-        holster in hand

-        rub all over the coat.



-      Aloe vera

-     Fresh fragrance