Artero Blade Care

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Clean, care and protect your blades with Artero Blade Care.


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Clean, care and protect the blades with Artero Blade Care. The blades immersed in this product prevents rust from forming in the micropores of the cutting edge, extending the life of the blade.


Prevents rust on the blade.

Cleans and protects the blades.

Eliminates hair stuck on the blade.

A pleasant clean smell.

Quantity: 500ml.


Soak the blades in the Blade Care container (See container in "related products" below) with Blade Care during the weekend or holidays so that the blades are immersed in Blade Care for longer and have more time for action.

Frequency of professional use: at least once a week, ideally daily. In combination with Artero Oil Fresh Spray (See "related products" below) prolongs the life of the blade in optimal conditions of hygiene, disinfection, lubrication. Do not reuse the liquid.

Direction of use.

Pour the liquid into a container. Insert the blades previously cleaned and dried. It can also be used by placing the blade in the liquid with the machine running to clean the dirt that remains inside the blade. Before using the blades again, drain them and dry them with absorbent paper.

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Artero is a Spanish company with more than 100 years of experience founded in 1909.