The most common mistakes when cutting your hair at home - and how to avoid them

Cutting your hair at home is often a real challenge. Have you ever considered doing it? It is, of course, a good option when you have little ones at home and you don’t have the chance to visit your trusted hair stylist. Below, we will explain what things to bear in mind to prevent any disasters from happening. Ready to get your perfect look?

7 things we do wrong when we cut our own hair

The best thing, in any case, is to see a real hair styling professional. However, this isn’t always possible. These are the common mistakes that most people make when cutting their own hair at home. Take note!

1. Seeking perfection

Of course, we all want the best result, but we don’t need to become obsessed. You need to understand that perfection does not exist and that, most likely, you won’t manage to get the same style as in a professional hair salon. So, if you don’t want to risk leaving yourself, or your children, looking like a shaved Barbie doll, don’t become obsessed over getting the hair perfectly even.

2. Not having the right equipment

If you want to do it right, you’ll need to have certain accessories at hand. It isn’t essential, of course, to have the best haircutting scissors. However, you do need to understand that this kind of item will make the task much easier. The slimmer and finer the cutting tools, the better.

Also, consider the fact that a good pair of scissors, like the Artero One Dark, are a fantastic long-term investment given their durability and high quality. In any case, what you should never do is use the kitchen scissors or scissors for cutting paper, as they are not suitable for this task and they will never give you a good haircutting experience. Other items that you will need are a fine comb, so that you can create sections of hair precisely, and some clips for securing them.

3. Making your hair too wet

Hair can be cut either dry or wet. Each way has its pros and cons. If you opt for wet hair, make sure that the hair is wet, but not too wet. Just having it damp is enough to see what the natural texture is like. This way, you’ll have more accurate control when it comes to changing your look. If it is very curly, it’s best to cut your hair dry. You then have a more accurate perception of how long it is.


4. Cutting too much at the beginning

One of the most common mistakes is, without a doubt, beginning by cutting too much or just about where you want it. If you start with just a little, you will always have some margin for touching up and correcting it until you get the length you want. However, if you don’t leave a few centimeters extra, going back won’t be an option. Remember that when your hair is dry, it will be a few centimeters shorter, so always leave it a little bit longer to avoid any shocks.

5. Watching very complicated tutorials

The internet, of course, is a wonderful tool for finding all kinds of information easily and quickly, including on haircuts. Nowadays, the internet is packed with a wide range of tutorials guiding you to the look you want. Despite this, we suggest that you choose carefully and go for ones that are easier to follow and that also guarantee a good result without being overly complicated. This way, you have less chance of getting it wrong.

6. Wanting radical changes

Whatever esthetic ambitions you have, you must be aware of your abilities. Generally speaking, going for a radical change is usually too risky and it ends up not being terribly satisfactory. So, keep this task for cutting your children’s hair or just focus on trimming the ends. Wait until you can visit your trusted hair stylist to get that change of look  you want.

7. Not concealing irregularities

You’re not an expert - we know that - but there are certain tricks that are perfect for improving the overall look of your work. One of these is to use thinning shears to make the ends and the different layers of the hair fade away so that the end result is more natural and even. To do so, you’ll need special scissors that are designed to create this effect. A good example of these are the Artero Elite scissors. If you don’t have these, you can always make small vertical cuts into the ends.

If you keep in mind the aspects that we have explained above, you’ll be ready to cut your hair at home. For an ideal experience, visit our online store and get the right products for a complete success. Don’t hesitate, of course, to put yourself in the hands of your trusted hair stylist so they can finish off the final touches to your look.