PACK Artero Gold

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NEW PACK Artero Gold

The expert trio in your hands.

Epika scissors with steel 440, rose gold color and black grip

Razor-edge and versatile.

Powerful, sturdy and handy Joker barber with fade lever.

Level shaver, the essential for your barber work

Your only duty is to shine.

Benefit from a significant discount by buying the pack.




Scissors Artero epika  of hairdressing  professional with razor edge.                                                    

Smooth cutting, with gliding, which offers a homogeneous and velvety definition.      

Size 6".

Professional Artero Level shaver for a fast and close shave.          

It can be used in all directions with total ease.          

It is strong, durable and lightweight.

Artero Joker+ barber par excellence.        

Powerful, robust and well calibrated for shaved cuts, degraded, fading and fade.        

Ergonomically perfect.      

With 6000RMP, Lithium battery and rotary motor.          

Works with or without cord.        

Includes 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 10 and 13 mm plastic recesses; multiplug plug, cleaning brush  and mineral oil.

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